APEC will worsen the environmental degradation and the human rights in Abra, Abrenians to join protests in Manila

November 12, 2015

Abra-based group Kakailian Salakniban Tay Amin a Nagtaudan said today that they will be joining the APEC 2015 protests in Manila on November 17- 20. The group pointed out that the APEC 2015 is a caucus for the eternal damnation of third world countries due to neoliberal globalization.

“Only destruction awaits our country if these greedy world leaders have their own way. They will do everything just to have their pockets full without even batting an eyelash. The people have no other recourse but to resist their impositions on us”. Said Villamor Pati, Kakailian Salakniban Tay Amin a Nagtaudan chairperson.

Pati said that more than half of the province has been covered by mining applications, with the whole stretch of the Abra River affected. Pati also pointed out that due to destructive projects that pillage the country’s natural resources, human rights abuses have also become rampant, many under the current regime of President Benigno Aquino III.

“The bombing in Lat-ey, Malibcong last 2013, the trumped-up charges filed against leaders and members of TULBEK in Lacub last year, the Ligiw massacre in Licuan-Baay last 2014 are all mining related. They have no respect for human rights, be it towards rebels or ordinary civilians”, said Pati. He also added that International Humanitarian Law was violated in the massacre of New People’s Army rebels in Tinegin 2010 and in Lacub last year,

Lastly, Pati is calling on to the people of Abra to join the broad people’s struggle against development aggression and imperialist globalization. He added that the people have no other recourse but to resist.

“While these world leaders are busy buying and selling our patrimony and rights, we have no other choice but to resist imperialist globalization and development aggression so as to protect our land, rights and resources from vultures and turn-coats who only desire to suck out our lives. Joining the People’s Caravan against Imperialist Globalization on November 18-20 in Manila is a good start”, Pati ended.***

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Villamor Pati
Kakailian Salakniban Tay Amin a Nagtaudan (KASTAN)